Management is a continuous process explained

Management is a continuous process explained


Management is a continuous process explained
Management is a continuous process explained


Management is a continuous process explained: Composite, but distinct functions of planning, organizing, directing, staffing, and controlling.

All the tasks are performed simultaneously by all the managers at all times. You must have noticed that in Namchi Designer Candles, Smita does many different things at once.



Management is a group activity


An organization is a collection of diverse individuals with different needs. Each member of the group has a different purpose for joining the organization but as members of the organization, they work towards fulfilling the common organizational goal. It requires teamwork and coordination of individual efforts in a common direction.


Management is a dynamic function


Management is a dynamic function and has to adapt itself to change Climate. An organization interacts with its external environment which includes various social, economic, and political factors. To be successful, an organization must Change itself and its goals according to the needs of the environment. you probably know that McDonald’s, the fast-food giant, made major changes to its menu so it could survive the Indian market.


Management is an intangible force


Management is an intangible force that cannot be seen but its presence can be felt in The way the organization works. The impact of management in an organization is noticeable Where goals are accomplished according to plans, employees are happy and satisfied, and there is order instead of chaos. Management Objectives Management seeks to achieve certain objectives which are the desired result of any activity. they Must be achieved from the original purpose of the business. in any way to achieve the goals of the organization. The function of a manager is to give a general direction to the individual effort in achieving the overall goal of the organization. Increases Management Efficiency: A manager aims to reduce costs and increase productivity in a better way by Planning, organizing, directing, staffing, and controlling the activities of the organization. Management Makes a Dynamic Organization: All Organizations One has to work in an environment that is constantly changing

and resists change in an organization because it often means moving from a familiar, safe environment to A new and more challenging one. Management helps people to adapt to these changes so that The organization can maintain its competitive edge. Management helps in achieving individual objectives: A manager motivates and leads his team in such a way that individual members can achieve individual goals while contributing to the overall organizational objective. through inspiration and Leadership Management helps individuals develop team spirit, collaboration, and commitment to group success.


Management helps in the development of society


The different groups that constitute an organization have several objectives to serve. Management in the process of accomplishing all these helps in the development of the organization and through that helps in the development of the society. It helps in providing good quality products and services, creating jobs, embraces new technology for the greater good Leads to further growth and development of people.



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